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Self Care when on Lockdown

What a weird, strange and unreal time we are currently experiencing not just here in the Uk but all over the world. We've been completely stopped in our tracks by an invisible invader and life as we once knew it has been changed forever. These uncertain times has certainly shown us a wide range of emotions (I know it has for me anyway!) but it's important more now than ever that we try and maintain some sort of daily routine.

Of course I'm not proclaiming to have a perfect routine every day some days home schooling just goes out the window and we all cozy up under the blanket watching Shaun the Sheep for the millionth time that day however I do try and incorporate some daily habits to make myself feel better and have a little bit of me time. At times like this small acts of self care feel more important than ever.

With my 5 years background in Makeup, Beauty & Health & Wellness ~ I know first hand just how powerful self care is. Investing in yourself by taking the time to do something that makes you feel good, gives you a boost of confidence and relaxes your mind. In this blog post I am focussing the Self Care tips around Makeup & Beauty.

Here are my 5 top tips to Self Care incorporating Makeup & Beauty whilst on lockdown.

Tip 1. Hydrate! A minimum of 2 litres of water a day is the recommended daily amount ~ Increased water intake has shown to improve mood, keep skin supple and plump and deliver essential nutrients to cells. Try adding some frozen fruit slices, cucumber or mint leaves to add a little flavour.

Tip 2. Skincare! Take the time to really enjoy the products you have. Most of us are always in a rush and don't always take the time to do a proper skincare regime. This is your time to properly massage in your cleansers and serums ~ this not only allows the product to penetrate deeper into the skin but it also gets the blood circulating ~ Hello plump skin! Next up is your exfoliator. Whether you like a gritty texture or a liquid exfoliator, take your time focussing on drier areas to really buff off those dry skin cells. Run yourself a bath and pop on a face mask whilst you have a soak. A really lovely mask to try is a hydrating mask, your skin will feel silky soft afterwards! Finish off with a spritz of toner and your favourite moisturiser and serum for that final glow! Don't forget your body scrub & moisturiser too!!

Tip 3. Hair Mask! Whether you use an actual hair mask, conditioner or a DIY mask, pop it on then wrap your hair in warm towel and chill for 5-10 minutes whilst the mask works on leaving you with silky soft hair. In that time maybe you could read a chapter or two of a book or a magazine. Listen to a Podcast or watch a YouTube video. These little pockets of time are perfect for multi tasking especially if you're a parent!

Tip 4. Bright Lipstick! This will forever be my go to for a pick me up. I've always been drawn to bright colours. Whilst it may seem a little wasted to pop lipstick on if you're just staying at home, studies have shown that wearing a bright lip instantly lifts your mood and makes you feel more awake. If a bright lip isn't really your thing why not try a bright nail polish or wear a bright piece of clothing.

Tip 5. Makeup Bag Makeover! This is the perfect opportunity to go through your makeup & brush collection and throw out any old bits you've been hoarding. Makeup items can harbour germs and bacteria if not cared for properly so it's super important to make sure everything is squeaky clean.

Remove any items that no longer suit you or your needs. Chuck out broken makeup that is making a mess everywhere and get rid of any items that have separated, smell funny, or have turned another colour.

Wash your makeup brushes with hot soapy water, you can use a few drops of baby shampoo or a brush cleaner. You'll find that your makeup will go on a lot smoother when you have lovely clean brushes to work with!

Wipe down your makeup bag with an anti bac cloth or pop it in the wash if you're able to.

Replace that old mascara you've had for years(!) Mascara should be renewed every 3-6 months. All Makeup & Skincare items have a little symbol on the label that tells you how long the product can be kept for before needing replaced!

I hope you have enjoyed my 5 Top Self Care Makeup & Beauty Tips ~ I hope it helps in some small way during this uncertain time. Please let me know if you follow any of these tips and let me know how you feel afterwards.

Much Love,

Sarah x

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