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My top 5 tips to encourage glowing, plump and healthy skin!

With over 7 years skincare & makeup artist experience, working with women of all ages, it's safe to say I've come across a lot of different skin types in my time. Whether your skin woe is dryness, or it's lacklustre & dull, it could be oily & patchy, the dark circles are darker than before, or maybe your skin is losing it's plumpness due to fluctuations in hormones. Maybe you've started to notice your usual skincare products and routine aren't quite hitting the mark these days and you're just not sure how to even start or update your routine. As much as I LOVE sharing skincare and makeup hints and tips, I truly believe that skin health starts from the inside out. This means looking at your nutrition and your day to day lifestyle habits.

S fear not ladies and gents! This is where I step in and gently guide you through my super simple top 5 skincare tips to encourage healthy mind, body and soul!


The easiest and most straightforward tip to start with is hydrate your body!

We should be aiming for a minimum of 2litres of water per day. This can also include fruit and herbal teas and fresh fruits such as watermelon, grapes and cucumber. Unfortunately to the coffee and regular tea drinker out there, these don't count towards the 2 litres. I love a coffee or tea as much as the next person, especially during these colder months, but they have a tendency to dehydrate your body, rather then hydrate, because they act as a diuretic. A simple tip I picked up was to have a glass of water after having your regular cuppa. As well as cleansing the palate (hello coffee breath) you also replenish & rehydrate the body meaning you boost the body's circulation, which in turn helps stagnant skin cells move a bit more freely. HELLO fresh skin!

Your skin is also going to thank you for incorporating lots of fresh fruits and colourful vegetables into your diet.

If you find normal water a tad boring why not add some flavour and jazz it up a bit by adding chopped fruits to it. I love chopped cucumber and mint. And sliced orange is always a winner!


Now you're hydrating your body from the inside, it's time to hydrate your whole body on the outside.

This topic often comes up in conversation with the women I work with. We have all the lotions and potions you could think of for our face but for our body? Nope! There's probably a bottle of Nivea lurking in the cupboard from circa 2001 that gets bought out on a special occasion!

Now me being me, I love nothing more than trying out new moisturisers. Face, body, you name it, I probably have it! Our full body needs TLC on a regular basis to combat dry skin, cellulite and sluggish circulation. 2 to 3 times a week, I'll do a full body edit. Especially now most of our body is covered up to keep cozy! This includes:

  • Dry body brush from head to toe (you can pick ups dry body brush from Boots, Superdrug or The Body Shop) Always brushing upwards towards the heart and towards the lymph nodes to rid the body of any lingering toxins or stagnant energies. I do this usually in the mornings to really wake my system.

  • After patting the skin dry, not rubbing as this can cause irritation, I love to apply a luxurious and creamy body moisturiser. Taking the time to really smooth it into the skin. As with the scrub, I always pay particular attention to the areas that I find a bit drier, knees, elbows and ankles. I also like to really massage the product in around my tummy and thighs. This really helps to wake up the circulation. This is a beautiful step which can be done in the mornings, however being a Mum of 2, time is not always on our side, so what I'll do is a quick moisturise on target areas in the morning and then if I'm having a shower in the evening I'll do a more eeked out version. I even sit whist watching TV with my moisturiser and massage my legs and arms. Multi tasking people!!

"Your skin is an investment, not an expense"

Tip #3 - FACE FACTS!

More often than not we have a tendency to focus on our face so the rest of our body is often neglected and forgotten about (see above) We often forget about including our necks in our skincare regime because we become so face orientated. When we do our skincare routine, we should always be incorporating our products to include necks and décolletage.

I like to keep things simple, but still up the ante during the winter months. So a typical Winter skincare routine should include:

  • A double cleanse. This includes using a balm or an oil to melt away the makeup then going in with a skin specific cleanser. Ie. Foaming cleanser for oilier skin types or creamy cleanser for drier skin types.

  • Gentle liquid exfoliator 2-3 times a week to gently buff away dry patches. I adore Pixi Glow Tonic which you can pick up in Boots or M&S.

  • Vitamin C serum to boost skin radiance.

  • Weekly face mask dependant on skin needs. For me I like to use a hydrating face mask as my skin tends to be more on the drier side.

  • Face moisturiser, I like to up the skin moisturiser game in Winter. Due to the elements of the weather, our skin can take a battering, especially on our faces & not forgetting our hands & lips(!) as these are typically the areas that we have exposed the most. During Winter, I love Weleda Skin Food, its rich, its hydrating, it smells gorgeous and it gives a great finish to the skin ready for makeup application.

  • And don't skip the SPF! Even during the winter months, you skin still needs protected from UV.

Your skin care routine can be done in the morning if you feel your skin needs it and should be done every evening to ensure clan and healthy skin!


This is a part of my skincare routine that I LOVE! Our skin will get sluggish if not properly cared for so most nights you'll find me on the sofa gently massaging round my jaw, cheekbones and forehead to release stagnant energies, toxins and to lift and tone the facial features. As much as I love skincare and makeup, believe me, they can hide some aspects of skin issues, they cant hide skin ageing. Ageing is a fact of life. Our faces have stories to tell, as does the health of our skin. You can't expect makeup to magically rid the skin of wrinkles, wrinkles and fine lines are part of us. It's natural and inevitable. I for one love to embrace the more natural approach to ageing, and one thing that will help lift, tone and sculpt is getting into a regular routine of facial massage. The women I have worked with during my online facial massage courses have noted that lines appear softer and more plump, skin appears fresher and more contoured and a part of that is making the time to incorporate regular facial massage.

You can find some of my favourite facial massage techniques over on my Instagram page @sarahslifestyleedit


Consistency is key. There's no point in me sharing all these lovely hints and tips if you don't consistently make yourself a priority. Whether you have 2 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour, YOU DO YOU!

You can follow along for more skin health, nutrition and makeup tips via my instagram pages and if you'd like to find out more info about my online skin health courses then feel free to reach out via my instagram page or via email

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